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Question  ID 32604
What if I want to complain about some aspect of UKPHR’s contact with me over the registration process?
If you have a complaint about a member of UKPHR’s staff and the way staff are carrying out their duties, you have the right to make a complaint. Our complaints policy and a form for making a complaint can be found on our website. The Registrar’s powers and duties relating to all registration processes are carried out in a quasi-judicial manner and there is no administrative complaint available for challenging the Registrar’s decisions. However, the Registrar’s decisions can be challenged by way of appeal and UKPHR’s appeals rules can be found on our website. An individual who felt that UKPHR’s behaviour was unfair might have the right to challenge the behaviour through the law courts, for example, by way of Judicial Review. UKPHR would suggest that you seek legal advice if this is something you might wish to pursue.
Question  ID 32602
Can I claim tax relief on my annual renewal fee?
Yes, all renewal fees from 6th April 2015 can qualify for a claim for tax relief. You can claim the registration fee as a professional expense to set against tax payable on the employment page of a self-assessment tax return or if you don’t a complete a tax return then you can use a P87 form which is available to download here. Alternatively you can always contact HMRC direct and quote T1644/15/2015.
Question  ID 32600
Is a reduced registration fee payable if I stop working?
UKPHR does not operate reduced registration fees for registrants who experience significant life events such as adoption or maternity leave or redundancy. UKPHR’s view of registration is that it is an assurance of competent public health practice for the purpose of public protection. There is no difference in the risk of harm, in UKPHR’s view, based on part-time or temporary work during a year of registration. Therefore those who practise in public health should be on the register. However, to assist registrants who may temporarily be out of work or have a reduced income, UKPHR provides maximum flexibility in the payment of registration fees. We accept payment of registration fees by instalments throughout a registration year in the amounts and at the frequency which suits you. Additionally, our Registrar has discretion to adjust fees for individual registrants by reason of hardship or similar circumstance. This power ranges from totally foregoing an annual fee, to reducing the fee or accepting payment of the fee late (for example after return to work). Should you fail to pay a registration fee (and make no arrangement for payment) your registration will lapse. UKPHR has a policy enabling the Registrar to allow a lapsed registrant back onto the register on application at a later date. The Registrar may set conditions as to payment of past registration fees and maintenance of CPD. A registrant who retires completely from public health practice poses no risk of harm to the public and need not therefore be on UKPHR’s register.
Question  ID 32598
What evidence will I need for re-registration/revalidation?
Currently, for re-registration, we require production of a number of documents including: A completed application form, containing an up to date declaration; A recent appraisal (within the last 12 months) signed off by someone registered at specialist level with the UKPHR, GMC or GDC; A Personal Development Plan (PDP) also signed off by someone at specialist level with the same regulatory bodies; and Confirmation that your CPD has been kept up to date – this can be in the form of certificates of compliance from the Faculty of Public Health or production of your CPD log. On successful completion of re-registration, you will be re-issued with a certificate for a further 5 years of registration with UKPHR. There is no additional fee or charge for the re-registration procedure but the annual registration fee will be payable in the usual way. UKPHR is gradually replacing re-registration with 5-yearly revalidation. We have published the requirements for revalidation. Please click here to find out more.
Question  ID 32596
Do I have to pay a registration fee every year?
Yes, registration is for one year at a time and has to be renewed annually. The renewal offers an opportunity to review development in the 12 months since registration/renewal. We carry out this review by way of requiring an annual declaration, signed by the registrant. Our intention is that registrants reflect on their public health practice and how they are maintaining and enhancing their competence. Once every 5 years, registrants are required to re-register (as opposed to renew registration). This constitutes a more rigorous check that competence is being maintained and enhanced, for example by checking that CPD requirements have been met. UKPHR is gradually replacing re-registration with 5-yearly revalidation. There is no fee associated with re- registration/revalidation.
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