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The Style and History of Fallingwater House Fallingwater is a unique and iconic house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Its innovative design and integration with its natural surroundings make it a masterpiece of modern architecture. This article will explore the various architectural and spatial features that make Fallingwater so special. The house was designed for Edgar J. Kaufmann, a department store owner, as a vacation home for his family. The site selected was a woodland area in southwestern Pennsylvania with a beautiful waterfall. Wright’s design for the house incorporated the waterfall into the house’s structure, creating a stunning fusion of

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Fallingwater House

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We are pleased to inform you that the Fine Art Masters Directory of the website is released . Here you are introduced to the artists who have been renown and capable in their time and

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Graham Vivian Sutherland OM (24 August 1903 – 17 February 1980) was an English artist known for his work in multiple media and as a painter of

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