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Ryan Church


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Ryan Church (born July 18, 1971 in Long Beach, California) is an American concept designer best known for his designs of vehicles, planets, and architectures as a concept design supervisor on George Lucas‘s Attack of the ClonesRevenge of the Sith, and of the tripods in Steven Spielberg‘s War of the Worlds.[1][2]

He worked on James Cameron‘s Avatar (2009) and is responsible for the updated design of the USS Enterprise in J. J. Abrams‘s Star Trek films.[2][3]

Church graduated with honors in Transportation Design with emphasis on Entertainment Design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Video games
The Bengal Carrier
The RSI Aurora[4]
The RSI Constellation[5] and its deployable fighter[6]
The Idris Frigate[7]
The Retaliator Bomber[8]
Ship interiors are designed so that spaces and elements are fully functional while fitting logically within the shape of the spacecraft and often have features appropriate to the scale of the ship, for example sleeping areas.[6][8]

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