Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun

Marie Antoinette with a Rose
Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, the court painter of Queen Marie Antoinette of France, painted Marie Antoinette with a Rose. Vigée Le Brun was enrolled at the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture on 31 May 1783. That year she was commissioned by Marie Antoinette to present a portrait of herself for the upcoming Salon.[2] She portrayed the queen wearing a chemise. The chemise was adapted from the Parisian fashion dressmaker Rose Bertin, the queen’s favourite, during the time when the queen lived at the Petit Trianon, out of the palace. Visitors to the Salon were shocked because they thought it unbecoming to portray a queen of France in this kind of dress. After that, the portrait was removed from the Salon.
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Name : Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun

Born : 1755

Died : 1842

Art Style & Movement : Rococo , Neoclassicism

Main Field/s :

Region/Nationality : French

Artist ID : 24603


Reference :

Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun (French: [elizabɛt lwiz viʒe ləbʁœ̃]; 16 April 1755 – 30 March 1842),[1] also known as Madame Le Brun, was a French portrait painter in the late 18th century.

Her artistic style is generally considered part of the aftermath of Rococo with elements of an adopted Neoclassical style.[2] Her subject matter and color palette can be classified as Rococo, but her style is aligned with the emergence of Neoclassicism. Vigée Le Brun created a name for herself in Ancien Régime society by serving as the portrait painter to Marie Antoinette. She enjoyed the patronage of European aristocrats, actors, and writers, and was elected to art academies in ten cities.[3]

Vigée Le Brun created 660 portraits and 200 landscapes.[4] In addition to many works in private collections, her paintings are owned by major museums, such as the Louvre Paris, Uffizi Florence, Hermitage Museum Saint Petersburg, National Gallery in London, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and many other collections in continental Europe and the United States.

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